Hosting With New Zenler Review

This website is fully hosted with Newzenler. To provide a better Newzenler review, I have documented every step on how this site is being created.

A few days back, I have read the announcement from that the long waited Blogging feature has finally gone live. I decided to host with New Zenler saas platform.

Newzenler Invite Link

Currently, New Zenler is closed to the public, but you can click this invite link to join NewZenler.

At this point of writing, New Zenler is still in beta, even though many coaches have already launched their courses with it.

You can join the site for free to test the features. If you like it, you will want to upgrade to the paid membership as soon as possible, because the price will be locked at the old Founder price forever. In the long run, you will benefit from it.

Click here to sign up for a free Newzenler account to test for yourself.

[Feb 12, 2021] Latest New Zenler Pricing: the beta price is going up by $200 annually. After Feb 20th, 2021 (Midnight GMT), the price will increase from $447/Yea to $647/Year.

Blogging - Newzenler Vs WordPress

In the past, I have used Newzenler to host courses for my other sites. For blogging, I am using WordPress. With the new blogging feature, I decided to host this site fully with Newzenler.

With regards to the blogging feature, I will have to say that it is still not as flexible as WordPress. This editor is not as powerful. But it gets its job done.

Website Setup

Logo And Favicon

For a start, I created both my logo and favicon images using Affinity Designer. I export both files to png format. For favicon.png, I passed it to to generate a favicon.ico format. After which, I download both files to Newzenler.

Blog Post Image

I used Affinity Designer to create a blank image with the size of 1000px by 500px (as suggested by Newzealer). After which, I just add some wordings to it to form my first blog post image in this blog (which is this post :P). Is sort of strange that Newzealer wants to crop my image which I do not know why, as I have followed the size it has specified. Anyway, I just leave it for now and move to other stuff.

(For my future reference: image sizes:


Currently, the sitemap is not generated by Newzenler automatically. You will need to go to [Site > Site Settings > Sitemap] to generate it manually when you have a new post.

Who Is Using New Zenler eLeaning Membership Software

I have performed some researches to search for sites that are using New Zenler as their eLearning membership software. You can click here to view these examples.


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